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Summer Camp - Week 2 - Scandinavian Midsummer

Summer Camp

Week 2 - Scandinavian Midsummer

The Scandinavian School offers 5 one-week sessions for children from age 3 up to grade 5. Each session features a different Scandinavian theme, explored through stories, dramatic play and projects, but we also leave room for plenty of outdoor play. Summer camp can be a perfect place for students to brush up on their Scandinavian skills before returning to Scandinavia for the summer.

This year we invite older children, K-5, to join the camp and focus of different areas. There for the older children can chose to be part of: Sport Field Trip Camp, Urban Field Trip Camp or Regular Summer Camp.  The Sport Field Trip Camp will focus on outside activities and field trips. The Urban Field Trip will visit local museums, urban

For the younger children we try to keep summer camp similar to our usual routines so our regular students feel at home, adding themes for excitement and to take advantage of smaller groups. Like our core preschool program, the day includes an organic home-cooked lunch plus two snacks, rest time, project time and outdoor play.

Each week we work with a different theme and the children will explore the themes through creative play, arts and craft and other activities.

We accept applications from new, current and former students, with priority given to students currently enrolled in any of our part- or full-time programs. Because of the short sessions, students should come with knowledge of at least one Scandinavian language.

You can sign up following the link below. Please email Cultural Director Lisa Sig Olesen  if you have any questions

Please note that there will be no tuition refunds after May 10th.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Scandinavian School this summer!