Become one of the Children of the Forest at a fantastic Scandinavian party and our largest fundraiser of the year. The party will have great entertainment, great cuisine and an excellent shopping experience through our Live and Silent auctions.

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About The School

We are a growing school that offers programs in Scandinavian languages for children and adults. Our core program is a full-time preschool that serves children from ages two to five years old.  As many people know, growing up in Scandinavia is much different from growing up in the Bay Area. There are positive sides to both; quality daycare and a relaxed attitude toward school give children in Scandinavia lots of time and room to just be kids, but San Francisco’s mix of cultures and traditions creates an understanding of diversity that cannot be taught. The Scandinavian School strives to bring the best of both of these worlds together.

Over the last few years, The Scandinavian School in San Francisco has transformed from a new program with a core of dedicated workers to a comprehensive preschool and cultural center with cultural classes for all ages and adult language classes on many different levels. Please contact us for more information about our school or to apply. All programs are conducted solely in Scandinavian languages.