Combining the best of the US and Scandinavia!  


Welcome to The Scandinavian School San Francisco!

The Scandinavian School is a community center and preschool in San Francisco. We bring our background of Nordic languages and culture to the wonderful city of San Francisco - combining the best of the US and Scandinavia.  

Over the last decade, The Scandinavian School has transformed from a small preschool into a comprehensive preschool and cultural center with classes for all ages, as well as adult language courses for different skill levels.

Support our Annual Campaign

Help support the Scandinavian School San Francisco!  Our goal is to raise $15 000 before the end of 2015, and we need your help! 

Our Annual Campaign is a key fundraising event of our non-profit school. It ensures that we can continue to provide outstanding preschool, language and cultural programs, and helps us keep tuition costs down. 

Everyone connected to the Scandinavian School San Francisco knows it's a very special place and that it provides an experience that is truly unique. We bring the best of Scandinavia and the United States together, serve children and adults from many backgrounds, and are dedicated to teaching and continuing the culture and traditions of Scandinavia. There is nothing else like it in the Bay Area - and only a handful of such schools in the entire United States.
Thank you for supporting the Scandinavian School San Francisco! Your donation is tax deductible.

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